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EdTrail Development Diary #3

Gary Cheetham 0

Hi, EdTrail followers!

We’re here with the latest update on the development direction of the EdTrail platform, and this week we have lots of exciting things to show you.

We’ve been working hard on some stellar personalisation features that our users are going to love. You’ll be able to add a beautiful splash of color to your curriculums, making each new creation a bold statement of your child’s individuality.

And, just in case that didn’t get you excited enough, we have a wonderful set of icons for you to choose from, meaning that the content on the EdTrail platform will all artfully represent the ingenuity and creativity of our homeschooling community.

The EdTrail platform is really getting us excited now, and with only a few weeks to go to launch we’re looking forward to letting you all loose on it very soon.

That’s all for now, but we have some incredible announcements to make in the future.

Stay hungry, stay curious!

The EdTrail development Team

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